What’s the air column bag using?

Air column bag is a pliable PA/PE co-extrusion plastic material used for packing fragile items. Unlike bubble wrap, Air Column Bags have a valve to allow the air column bag to be inflated or sometimes deflated to provide cushioning for fragile items.


However, Air Column Bag is made of Pe/Pe co-extrusion film. With different ratio of PA and PE, Air Column Bag features different tensile strength and air tightness.The air column bag usually using for the wine,valuables,liquid packing.Inflatable can able protect the goods better for the long-distance transport.


Air column bag is made out of two layers of PA/PE co-extrusion films with air valve film in between, and heat pressed with high temperature mold to melt them together and create air columns bag and shapes, so air column bag is inflatable and has a variety of styles and types such as PA/PE air pillows, PA/PE bubble cushion films.

The features of air column bag:

1. Air column bag can be shipped flat and inflated on-demand. Once inflated the continuous valve seals each column independently from each other. It needs fewer warehouse room than bubble wrap or foams. If one column is broke, other columns still work as cushioning protection.

2. A single valve air bag is a type of air column bag. It can be inflated or deflated and used as a stick or sign. With bottom ends open, it can be used to seal flowers or small fragile items.

3. Benefitting from great tensile strength of PA, air column bag is tougher than common air cushion materials such as bubble wrap, air pillows.

4. The air pressure inside of the air column bags are greater than the atmosphere pressure. It provides strong compressive strength and flexibility. So, Air Column Bag is one kind of excellent cushion materials.

5. Unlike bubble wrap, it is a difficult and tired thing to compress and rupture Air Column Bag, so it cannot be used as a source of amusement.



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Post time: Nov-02-2022